delusion and ego kills

I ain’t that famous like you and i definitely will not be singing better than u.  I always respect and adore you because of your determination and passion. All the while i thought u are someone with Principe which u will not bow to these bullies no matter how hopeless. We even agreed to break the chain and escape from the rat trap to face the big bullies together.  Always i think u r someone who with passion in music and singing that u never concern the popularity. I remembered u once told me that singing is for something to be joyful and not to gain anything or for certain purpose. Yet u proven me differ.  No one really willing to let go the past and escape the traditional ways. I Guess fame and monetary does deludes and awake one dark side. It really easier trigger ones greed and ego.


















Still, Reality is Dreams biggest enemy. No doubt i am naive enough keep trying to prove this theory is wrong.

No matter how, i wish you the best and may the thing u been searching shall come to you. We having differ point of view but that doesn’t mean you are wrong or mine is right. It’s just proven that we have differ value of life and self esteem. yet u lose the reckon and respect from this tiny little person.


ps credit to ivy Tung for the pictures.. grab it from fb.