Ultraman Mebius is in town

Japanese long lasting and all time superheroes Ultraman has come to town. Thanks to Action City, Speedy and Tokyo Streets, Pavilion KL; Ultraman’s Father had convinced and sent ‘Ultraman Mebius’ to Tokyo Street, PavilionKL.

Transformed into human size, Mebius will be wondering around PavilionKL to meet up, shake hand and photo section with everyone.

His appearances indeed breath taking moment. I was there to witnessed his appear in PavilionKL as well being the host for that day. 🙂  Everyone was excited when he showing up. To the kids it was like dreams come true for their favorite hero is here!!
Too bad, as we all know Ultraman need to go within 3 minutes .. or else his ‘led’ light will be blinking all the way.. hahah.(It’s a lame joke…swt). Still if you love Mebius or any of his family… You can owe it. 🙂

And tiny Mebius is following me home.

Seems like this Christmas ain’t that bad after all.

Here is the video…

Video Courtesy to WindKoh

Special Thanks to Action City x Speedy x Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL