BLOG: Sawadikap

It was a soul asylum trip although it was planned in the beginning of last years so this trip came in the right time after all. We had it again this time with my bros for this “No Fuck Trip” and the destiny; Bangkok.

Something missing this time are FatherKeith and Panda Kayz couldn’t join due to some circumstances. Yet fun is still there. woohooo~~


We are lucky to have Meng Huei for all the arrangement. He is amazing. Prepared the map, location , accommodation and facilities that eased our worries. Applause to you Meng. *clap clap clap*  and thanks for the introduce of MOBILE BAR to me. lols.. it was unique~


Fashion, culture, building and telco is a thumb up despite some trying to con and dishonest to their service and goodies. Overall is a “good good”  Looking forward for another round of “NoFuckTrip” with the gangs.