EVENT: Going Green 2012

XYmusic + 28Stage is organizing “Going Green 2012 Live” this coming August. It is a campaign to build awareness about the important of 3R (Reduce,Reuse, Recycle). According to the experts around the world, we are facing an inevitable issue which it is causes by our owe human kind action. Global warming is no longer a myth and it is happening tremendously.

Mother nature is calling for help and we choose to respond. With limited of sources and manpower yet abundance of sincerity, XYmusic+ 28Stage have given their full force. This year “Going Green 2012 Live” will be our main priority. Every artiste including Michael Wong, Maggie, Yu Heng, KahJun, Orange, DA.MON.STER and DannyOne will be involving themselves into planning, design, production or any aspect as much as possible just to make sure it is a success.

Will be giving an officially launching this month. So stay with me for more info.
Do Find “Going Green 2012 Live” in Facebook. Or scan the QR CODE below and we bring you there. ^^

Going Green 2012 -Plant for the future 为未来播种