BLOG: Finally It is Going Green Concert

‘So much to write so much to say and i have no idea where to start”

Going Green 2012 Live Concert has finally arrived and its ended with a significant moment. More than half year we start kicked this campaign.  All the criticism  , obstacles and inevitably pressure that fall upon each one of us especially to our 28Stage colleagues are devastating but yet it is impecable became the motivation to make us stronger. No doubt there are flaws some where some how despite we tried to comprehended as much as we could to every imperfection.


We received much brickbat. We even faced many sophisticated  ‘last minute’  problems such as electricity  failure, fire occur, permit disapproval, management conflict, venue’s issue and etc. Yet we prevailed from all this SHIT.  We marched forward every time these pushed us away. And thats the spirit. ^^

We started everything from zero and it took almost 6 month from planning the theme, songs, design and finally put everything into pieces. One by one we build the castle in the air.

LOOK WHAT WE HAD DONE LAST SATURDAY ^_^^_^  Credits to all the ‘behind scene” warriors. They are the one should be given a big applause. Shopping, GreyGrey, GuanyinMa, Jiajia, [email protected], Gavin the Makeup, Musician, xiao [email protected], [email protected], Onefm, 988fm, 8tv and every one that contribution to Going Green 2012 Live. My deepest appreciation and thank you to all these angels.( I know i must had left someone. SORRY ya if missed to mention.)

It wasn’t any bombastic concert nor any glamorous stage performances. It is just a very decent yet sincere campaign that using our music to spread the seed of love and plant it into the bottom of our heart. Remember Remember, the green love that is contagious from us to each one of you.




p/s: After that night i was insomnia, I keep blaming myself that i could do better on that day. 🙁