BLOG: 開安啦~

終於趕完摩斯特的錄音部分了。 剩下的就是幕後的一些工作。辛苦了一斑陪我拼的戰友。謝謝大家的體諒和支持。謝謝沒有因為我的胡鬧想法和種種的事情放棄我 🙂

前幾天 [ 7/9/12] 跟28Stage開了會。 經過一輪的討論後, ‘DAMONSTER摩斯特’ Chapter 2 開安了 [not official theme] .

其實有點小壓力。因為這一次的 音樂元素有點不同。很怕大家接受不到。 也怕超逾不到”expired rubbish’ 和 ‘I love You. You Love Me” 。 當然我們自己很喜歡新的歌。 因為這次比以前的歌曲更mature更有默契和火花了。希望大家喜歡啦。

I know music is something that kinda subjective . We can’t expect everyone loves what we been doing. But one thing for sure. We are dedicated and sincere to cook something differ. Music should be fun and should be creative. There is no right or wrong. There is only my cup of tea or not my cup of tea. So chill and meant it when u preaching what you preached.