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BLOG: The One and ONLY..;)


I had an amazing time with my crew 摩斯特DA.MON.STER and Orange last Saturday for oneFM’s anniversary concert “The One Concert”. We went crazy the whole days despite we were exhausted. The crowd is awesome. Performers, Dj’s, Crews and the managing teams were putting their best to make this showcase a success!


Each artiste had separated into selected teams to performs. Me, my boys 摩斯特DA.MON.STER and Orange are the tag team. We and Colleague had spent months of discussion on the song lists and showcase gimmick. We dwelling into every aspect. From songs, costumes and appearances as well the visual effect parts.


All the songs that we picked is imperatively just to trigger the crowd to moves with us. The mash up was a blast. Nevertheless I felt I ain’t get enough. I’ve designed a video clip visual to attached along at the background for us to boost up the ambience. Everything is crucial and inevitable important. Everything does matter. ^^.

As for presenter; which is us. We tried to have steps. =.= yup Monkey.D trying to dance again. haha. We having hard time in this factors. Yet we kick on and everyone had great time every time we gathered. Laughter and noisiness are the element that occur.

Gavin [Gavin Artwork] gave us stunning designed costumes. He always impressed us. This time he used all the recycled cloths and sources in hand to blended 4 differ stylo for us. Orange’s suit the most extraordinary. Herself was first at doubt about it before placing herself onto the stage. But once she appeared to the audiences; abundance of compliment putting an ease to all the worries.

Jimmy [ Celeb Trend] playing Colors with our hairs. Pour a sharp green into Monkey.D’s hair with futuristic style hair cut onto each one of us just makes solve all the puzzles. He just gave our hair more way to set its style. Way to go. 🙂

The crowd was amazing!  They were all around the place. What’s the best part is they supported everyone. That’s the spirit douz. An applause to each one of you. You guys just rock! I do enjoy every sec on the stage. It is impeccable for a concert or showcase to have such a wonderful audience and you guys did it so well.



On that day we just went hyper active. We are excited not only because of the showcase but we had so much fun when working together. When things seems complicated we just solved it with laughter. I think there’s drugs in our blood that flooding around the body. We just can’t stop cracking jokes and non stop gossiping. Yeah that’s my expertise. lols .


They said, It took 10 years for this 10minutes moment. And this is so true. I do appreciate and cherish every sec of it. People comes and goes but the memories is forever. 🙂

I recorded the journal of us on that day. It is so fun and hilarious… .Enjoy it to ease all the blues.


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