The Journey of 2014

2014 is a fruitful year for me despite there were still some big hiccup in the journey but things turn out to be just fine. Everything indeed happened for a reason.

Early of 2014

I was in the seeding period. This is the season that I was in much low although continuing the plan that we had sealed in the early 2013. Facing so many issues that would break your will to proceed. Can you imagine the scary it was of not knowing the outcome? It is akin like driving on a very long highway and you have no idea what lies ahead. In God wills everything goes according to the plan.

Mid of 2014

The period of preserving and believe. Releasing the works that I and my team had been working on. The feedback seems to be paying off accordingly to the reaction from the ground. It is also the most busiest period in 2014 for me. I’d been traveling up and down, from music to filming and producing. Nevertheless I love it so much.

Hurt and insulted.

Unfortunately, life won’t allow you to have a smooth sail. I was accused, demeaning and unavoidable crack by case to case. Keep the faith and believing no doubt playing the big role in this time and Thanks God for giving me strength to prevail.

End of 2014

I consider it as the best part of my 2014. It is a harvest season. Receiving much of recognition that I always dream of and more than I expected. The handwork I had put in harvest with great pay off. Meeting so many great people and receive so much loves. Wasn’t that the best sweet revenge to the people who look down on you and those who hurt you in the first place?

Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say, “I will take revenge; I will pay them back,” says the LORD.
– Romans 12:19


This year undeniable a remarkable years for me to remember. It is clearly kept in my mind and it will always in my heart. Still thanks to the entourage that fighting high and low with me. You guy just rock!

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