Ms.Soo, You won’t able to return home.

I must admit , the title is misleading.

She uploaded the video on the second day of the ‘YELLOW’ rally around noon if I am not mistaken. I watched over and over again. Astonished as I am because I believes she couldn’t have done it.


指名道姓 those lagi. We all know that 對方小氣鬼嘛~

Anyway, mixed feeling occurred. Some seeing this as brave and bold while some felt a good publicity stunts. Since she is in the entertainment line, no doubt some will assume.
While I on the other hand was wondering she might be too impulsive as I know she is working out her recording, promoting works, studies and last and not least; concert.

All these could had causes her too stress until she lose her temper maybe? But I think after the video went viral the stress-ness might flip thousand time bigger.
Texted her to check her out and if she ok with everything. Found out that she is stronger than I thought. Despite short chat; things assured was that she wasn’t under any stress to do it nor impulsive.  

She is smart and she always have a clear mind.

Pray for better tomorrow.


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