Babe it wasn’t me

“Hey I never said that!” was spontaneously pop out in my mind yet within a sec, I’m cool with it because I felt “hey not bad, at least my words do carry some weight and irritated fews.”
I scroll up and down in my personal FB for that specific status but in vain, not to mention never wrote those in my public page too.

Scriptwriter (as I was informed and now everyone pointing fingers to dodge the involvement) putting words into my mouth which I never speaks freely indeed a cheapskate move. Not just demeaning yet arrogances although I could have agreed if the snow ball keep rolling. I mean c’mon, you and me knows perfectly that many grieve and disappointment out there.  Not doubt that every time someone organising an event or showcases are inevitably pour by skeptical and despicable condemnation and I always given my full respect to whoever making it happen but one can’t expect everyone to be pleased.

Understandable how rumours works and how contagious it would be if the contents are juicy, boiling and provoking. I myself too enjoyed every time some ‘news’ been discussed with comrade but putting words that not been said unto someone mouth really the lowest form.

Not that I mind that I been placed on the platter to serve as a dessert or as a punching bag to punch out the stress but projecting me as an imaginary enemy indeed absurd.

Nevertheless I hold no hatred nor do I despise anyone yet I few honour if I must said.
Let me state it again . ‘Disagree doesn’t mean I’m against’ and “nope it wasn’t me”

Congrats and well done to the people that make the night awesome. 🙂


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