Macao : The City that never sleep.

Had an opportunity to visit Macao.

Honestly loves the city so much. (Don’t ask me why)
Might be the culture and rich history that this lovely land embraced.
The people are friendly despite some ahpeks who are having their morning walk which full of anger that we

The food, building and history indeed a thumb up for me.
Without hesitate I took all the necessary steps to record down everything once I had free time.


Thanks to Jalan Jalan Magazine, Macao Tourism Malaysia and Bou and Crew for the chances.
and D.D Collective for the outfit. Everything are amazingly great.
Not to forget DSC World for getting me the Ricoh Theta S .
Now I could captured everything right away. 🙂 Enjoy this 360 degree video .
You guys will loves it.

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