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Darn this is shit! Alex To is just standing in front of me!

Praise the Lord and Thanks God!

Received the ‘Most Favourite Composer‘ and ‘Top 20 Musics‘ at Global Chinese Music Awards in Singapore last Friday [5 Nov 2015]. Indeed a great honour to be there and meeting so many beautiful people and great music lovers. No doubts it is another fun trip I had despite unable to explore more places due to time constrain.

I’m graceful to be taken good care by the host. We found nothing but hospitality among the people there. The securities team, drivers, production teams, Djs and sort. Thanks YES933 for bringing me here.

Shila is friendly and adorable. She is fun, nice and charming. I actually quite proud because she is a Malaysian. Way to go girl. Rawr!





My ‘bro’ is the best. She just finished her shooting and rushed over to show support. Sora! You are the best. Knowing her for years and she pursuit her dream in Singapore. The hardworking and determination are always shown insider her. Proud of you!







Eventually the event became a meet up point for me to the people that I have long lost. I met Kenji and Ken Cheung. What we say; 10 years? Gosh! Knowing them in China’s Seed Music and QQ while I was trying to cope the music industry there. It is just great to able to get back in touch. Hey we are international ! lol




Meeting AlexTo was the best moment for me. Had been listening his song when I was a brat! Learn his move, songs and way of living. I even remember the day I went to Speedy to buy his “無心傷害” cassettes and played in my mom restaurant. Such a fanboys and excited every time the song played.
He is standing right in front of me! Are you for real? hahahaha.


Thank you so much all the GMCA radio stations, Thanks YES933 and 98.8 for making everything happen. Jessie and SiewKeng; I am looking good because of you both and 28Stage; wow I’m international 🙂 PaKHO; U r swag! 沛慈, u r cute 🙂

Thanks people and overwhelming love. Graceful and 感恩 🙂

P/S: Singapore prepaid Card given me 100GB for 5 days with $15 ! Msia malu tak? 500mb for RM35? You must be fucking kidding me!

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