Bullies bullied bully.

Wording is definitely something tricky. It could be harmful or it could be justify the situation. A bully accused others bullying him the same way he bully others. Interesting isn’t?


  Available in iTunes: http://bit.ly/1mjDXjl 【技安GIAN】 詞:王熙強 曲:Danny溫力銘 機械啊夢 沒關係不用時光機 我可以任由自己找那些記憶 任意門或許能通往某些目的 躲在門後去探聽靜最近消息 我總不夠細膩不二雄的規矩 唱一首歌也走音 以為強悍脾氣 能隱藏住秘密 實在沒觀眾在意 我太笨早知道配角的戲份 博君一笑好退身卻荒唐 為靜陷很深 沒天份握拳頭憑什麼去爭 想做大雄的替身太好勝 自卑不敢承認 ____________________________________ Instagram : www.instagram.com/dannyone LINE: http://line.st/danny-one Facebook: www.fb.com/dannyone Weibo: www.weibo.com/dannyone Twitter: www.twitter.com/dannyone Youtube: www.youtube.com/onelikming


  Brook is a song that was inspired by One Piece. I love the character so much. He is a musician, a superstar yet a fighter which never give up. A funny character which so define me. I trying to create a song that is...

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