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Your faith so fragile?

I don’t really understand. If according to some hardcore extremist logic: seeing too many churches, temples and sort could weaken their faith, doesn’t this mean christian , taoism and
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Yellow or Red? Good or Bad? Judge yourself.

黃與紅,好與壞。 上個月的不分種族不分宗教的黃色遊行成功後, 也惹上了不少的禍。 除了什麼種族問題,也出現了什麼方清復明等等說法。 所以這個月[ Sept16 ] 的馬來西亞日原本意義是全馬團結的概念也 全面倒了因為同一天,另一批所以的紅衣遊行要舉辦了。 主要是show quali 給黃色看,強調馬來同胞的團結和要華人血灾血上。(我也搞不懂關華人什麼屁事) Anyway, 誰對誰錯? 誰和平誰仇恨我也傻傻分不清。分析分析咯~  
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Yellow Day1

Sometimes you need some dissent voices to be heard so that everyone will gives their best on their jobs. Tak tidor dalam kerja lah ini. Anyway no right
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