It has been awhile i neglected here because stranded to loads of works. Only now i could spare some times to sit down nicely to jot down what I had been murmur for so long. I am busing with my crew’s latest EP 摩斯特DA.MON.STER <Chapter...

BLOG: 月尾啦~

十月尾了。 再過幾天就是11月。你看啊。。 時間跑真的很快。 回頭看,2012 做過的事情不算多也不算少。 總覺得自己還可以做的更好。 如果可以再repeat多一次多好。 But as i always said, 時間不會因為一個人停下。   聰明的人類製做了那麼多smartphone,電動遊戲和軟件都可以redo 或者save 卻沒有辦法把這些功能套用在時間上。 還自稱地球上最聰明的生物!! cheh!!! 冇lin用!

ANNO raglan tee “GENESIS 1:1”

ANNO latest raglan tee “GENESIS 1:1” is finally here. After their previous ‘Matthew 21:22’ stormed in, it received much welcome from various quarter.Friends and believers started to ask ANNO for more prints so that they could spread the gospel around with style and attitude. However,...

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