1960s IBM Clock Reissue

Ain’t this vintage. IBM is now partnered with Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. to bring this classic back to life. Hand assembled in Portland, Oregon, they’ve kept the original details like the domed glass lens and original graphics in tact. Finally we could back to the old...

Maggie‘s 房間

Received Maggie’s latest album along with the mechanize that i designed; the Tee and the Eye mask. Thanks her team for putting the trust on me. Love it so much and it’s does meant a lot to my journey. Anyway u guys should grab it. Not...

ART/DESIGN: 小美 -飞木马

One of the artwork that i designed for Taiwan-based Singer- Michelle (小美) for her coming debut album 2012. With her beutiful voice and dearly tracks it inspired me. Imagining she is riding this lovely wooden pony and floating around the space traveling. Something magical and...

BANA: Fall longer

要飛就飛高點, 至少跌下時都有足夠的時間享受高峰的美景。Aim higher, At least if u fail u still could reach the moon.                

Bird Nest Bed

Every wonder how its like to become a bird and staying in their nest? Your imagination has fulfilled. The “Giant Birdsnest for creating new ideas” was conceived and created by O*GE CreativeGroup as a prototype for new and inspiring socializing space. Part furniture part playground, the design could definitely...

Barack Obama x Steve Zissou ‘Life Politic’

this awesome mash-up between the US President and Bill Murray’s character from Wes Anderson’s classic flick, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. It was designed by Cloxboy source: http://english.mashkulture.net/2012/03/09/barack-obama-x-steve-zissou-life-politic/

VIDEO: 天佑Sultan街

  一個沒有歷史的城市就像一個石屎森林。沒感情,沒文化,沒靈魂。當知道苏丹街要扯掉,有莫名其妙的傷感. 如果真的除掉這條街, 我你他以後多了一種感覺, 叫遺憾。 Music: <Say Goodbye> 溫力銘

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