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BANA: Fall longer

要飛就飛高點, 至少跌下時都有足夠的時間享受高峰的美景。Aim higher, At least if u fail u still could reach the moon.                  
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Bird Nest Bed

Every wonder how its like to become a bird and staying in their nest? Your imagination has fulfilled. The “Giant Birdsnest for creating new ideas” was conceived and created by O*GE
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VIDEO: 天佑Sultan街

  一個沒有歷史的城市就像一個石屎森林。沒感情,沒文化,沒靈魂。當知道苏丹街要扯掉,有莫名其妙的傷感. 如果真的除掉這條街, 我你他以後多了一種感覺, 叫遺憾。 Music: <Say Goodbye> 溫力銘  
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