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  A song that i composed for my latest singles in the early of 2014;巨人  Titan. Inspired by the Attack in Titan anime which triggered my thought on the characters that are less important in any kinda of stories. It mades me wondered what will...

Stuck and stranded.

I’m stucked. The brain is not functioning well. The melody ain’t flowing right, darn. Was excited when I finished recording the vocal. I felt the rhythm is catchy and delicious. After I re listen it, I was devasted. The demo don’t even sound great. It...

5/5 民主歌声唤明天

今天 [5/5/2013]就是我国[马来西亚]13大选. 说真,情绪很激动。不知道想怎样。 其实我在自己的面子书里已经发表了很多很多。 没有特别的支持或者唱衰谁。 但也沒說我是中立。我支持谁心水清的朋友应该都看的出。可是我更支持两线制。 老实说,拒絕了那场”姨妈“的演出真的有feel到自己是傻子。我到只刻都在想那么吸引的酬劳我竟然拒绝?我傻了是吗? 真的笨。 可是又会觉得自己很骄傲。 我没有掉我妈妈和主的脸。 I passed “The Test of the Temptation”. 反而我选择了一个没有华丽舞台,没有酬劳,没有劲爆的灯光只有简单的音乐和单纯目的的演出。 “民主歌声唤明天”

To the South

With my Crew rocking all the way to Melaka, Johor and JB. It was an exhausted trip but it surely a fruitful one. We learned and individually we get our bond closer. Here is a clips that gathered all the great moment we on stage....

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