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Will be taking off to Japan today. Waiting at the airport now while writing. Looking forward for this trips years ago. Expecting something memorial and inspiring. I guess
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LEISURE: Star Cruise Superstar Libra

opcorn Fun travel 玩到上邮轮啦!在这4天3夜里,我们体验了5星级的邮轮假期,更享受到泰国Krabi 的美丽岛屿与Phuket 热情的人文风情! BCD Station Present Associate with Hwajing Travel Funtravel Mag Produce by Popcorn Pictures 导演:黑猫 主持:CJ李静晶,Tommy关栋珉 特别感谢Hwajing华京旅游的热情邀请与Star Cruise Superstar Libra的细心安排  
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